Capture the Moment of Truth with an RF Recorder

Field tests are the moment of truth. Testing can reveal answers to crucial questions. Did we successfully transport the bits from the input of the transmitter to the output of the receiver? What is the probability that the bits are error-free? What happens when it rains? What if a plane flies through the propagation path? What about atmospheric ducting? What happens when the neighbor heats up his Hot PocketsTM using his leaky microwave oven? The list of what-if scenarios and questions are endless—and perhaps intimidating—but the answers to these questions have a direct impact on your product’s success and industry acceptance.

Overcome Field Test Limitations

Unfortunately, field tests are a pain. They’re expensive. The results are not often repeatable. There are multiple uncontrolled variables simultaneously at play. When you encounter a failure in the field, it can be difficult to quickly gather enough information to enable a real fix to the problem. You’ll probably find yourself wishing that you could freeze that moment in time and transport those RF propagation conditions back to your controlled lab environment for a deeper analysis. Good news: You can.

3 Benefits of Using an RF Recorder:

  1. Capture those brief fleeting moments of errors in the field.  
  2. Bring those RF recordings back to the lab and replay them countless times to dissect the root cause of the failure.  
  3. Share those RF recordings with your colleagues and vendors around the globe.

RF Recorder (and RF Player) instrumentation is quickly taking its place alongside your trusty spectrum analyzer as a must-have tool.