Repeatability and Reproducibility: Whose Problem is it Anyway?

Perhaps it’s a cliché, but today’s systems are becoming more and more complex, and intermittent problems more and more frequent. Repeatability and reproducibility have become major issues. The good news is, repeatability and sanity can be restored.

RF Recorders Bring Repeatability and Sanity Back to the Table

Have you found yourself asking how your team can fix an issue that can’t be consistently observed? Or even worse, how can your vendor fix an issue if they claim the problem you’ve reported is not reproducible? At some point in our career, it’s likely that most of us have been on at least one side of that fun finger-pointing exercise. 

These problems are difficult enough in the domain of computer systems and code. But the issues become even more intractable when the conditions that cause the intermittent problems are fleeting RF propagation or interference conditions. Often these conditions can only be observed in one physical location at specific times of the day or season. Explaining to an engineer across the globe that his chip doesn’t work between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. in a specific neighborhood of Chicago can feel like an exercise in frustration. Good luck with that conversation.

Make RF Recorders Your Arbiter of Truth

Unlike subjective reports from the field, RF recorders provide a direct, continuous record of the electromagnetic environment. And it’s now possible to record those conditions and share those files with your colleagues and vendors around the world.

  • Create a continuous record of the electromagnetic environment. 
  • Capture a single point of reference for any given moment in time. 
  • Share the captured data with all stakeholders.

The repeatability and reproducibility of complex field conditions is the most powerful benefit of RF Recording and Playback instrumentation. Who knows? With an RF Recorder in your arsenal, you might actually win one of those finger-pointing games.