RF Recorders Turn an Expense into an Investment

Field tests are expensive—and not just in a monetary sense. Sure, you’ll rack up thousands of dollars a day in equipment rental expenses, vehicle rentals, airfare, hotel costs, meals, etc…that’s obvious. But field tests also drain your company’s most valuable assets: the engineers. Here’s how RF recorders can be your best ally in RF record and playback:

Field Tests Limitations

Field test work is paradoxically both boring and stressful. Folks who have performed RF field tests for any amount of time can attest to that. Your highest value engineering team members may find themselves physically and mentally stretched performing field tasks they’re not well-suited for. Field tests are necessary, but they’re simply not cost-effective to repeat for every new product release or algorithm revision. The monetary, mental, and opportunity costs for your engineering team are just too high. Here’s where an RF Record system can help.

Make the Most of Every Field Test

With an RF Recorder in your arsenal, you may still need to send a team of engineers or technicians to the field the first time to build your library of RF recordings. After that, trips to the field become much less frequent. Future regression testing can often be accomplished in the lab, using your library of recordings.

Even if you’re not quite ready to kick the field test habit, each subsequent trip to the field can become a long-term investment in your proprietary library of RF recordings, and not just a black-hole of expenses without long-term gain.

3 Key Benefits of RF Recorders:

  • Maximize your team’s time in the field.
  • Create a library of recordings for continuous benefit.
  • Reduce the need for future field tests.

If you’re going to send your company’s checkbook, and your most valuable team members, out to the field for testing, we’re here to help you generate long-term gain by building an RF Recording library in the process.