Most Interesting Recorder

Truly remarkable, a two channel VST3 system.

Video Transcript:

– You know, it really is amazing how far RF recording has advanced in the last 20 years. Back in the olden days, we were thrilled to be able to record just six megahertz of bandwidth for 24 seconds. But every year, the technology got better and better and better. And today, I find myself designing and building RF recorders that can capture a gigahertz of bandwidth on two channels simultaneously anywhere in the spectrum, from 50 megs to 23 gigs.

Truly remarkable. Now, one of the coolest things about this recorder is that it allows you to examine relationships between signals in completely different parts of the spectrum. The two record channels are time aligned very tightly, but you can still independently tune each channel to a different RF center frequency. So this allows you to see how activity in one part of the spectrum correlates to activity in a completely different part of the spectrum.

Try doing that with a spectrum analyzer. If you wanna stay on the leading edge of RF recorder technology, make sure you follow Spectra Lab on LinkedIn or YouTube.