Acceptance Tests

Video Transcript:

Have you ever wondered who’s checking to make sure your new instrument actually works?

Well, that’s exactly the point of our factory acceptance tests.

Every Spectrum Defender system must pass through factory acceptance testing before it ships to you. Most companies treat this as a basic quality control check, but we think about this as a critically important confirmation that the instrument we’re about to ship meets the commitments we’ve made to you, our customer.

We test against every commitment we’ve made to you in the product data sheet or in the project statement of work. Some of our larger instruments will ship in multiple pieces and need reassembly.

For those cases, we’ll travel to your facility and assemble the system on-site to make sure everything still works as it should. If you have any other special business or contractual needs that aren’t covered by our normal factory acceptance tests, you may want a more customized approach, a customer acceptance test or CAT. We’ll collaborate with you to design those tests and work with you onsite to make sure every checkbox is ticked. We design and build every instrument, and we make ourselves solely responsible for them. You will not need to call National Instruments or any other third party hardware vendor to obtain support for your instrument.

When you need a single throat to strangle, it’s gonna be us.

Next up is Startup Boost and Lab and Field Assist, two programs designed to make sure you start off on the right foot with your new instrument.