Feature Bank

Video Transcript:

Have you ever purchased a new piece of software and found that it does ninety eight percent of what you want, but you really can’t stop thinking about that extra feature or two that could make it even better? Most of us have been there, but there’s usually not an easy way to get those last couple of software features added.

You can try contacting the vendor, maybe they’ll put your request in the queue for the next release at position four hundred and fifty seven, but there’s no contractual guarantee that it will ever happen.

We’ve been there. We feel that pain, and we wanna change that cycle of frustration.

So we built feature bank, a way for our customers to get the new software features they want, when they want them, without a complicated contracting process. You might wanna add new capabilities that weren’t anywhere on the horizon when you first acquired your instrument. Maybe you have a new partner who needs files in a different format. Maybe you’ve identified a new type of signal you wanna go after or maybe there’s just a few user interface tweaks that could improve your productivity.

You can get Feature Bank built right into your contract from day one. When you have an idea for a new feature, call us anytime during the Feature Bank contract period and we’ll discuss the best way to get your idea implemented fast. If we think it’ll take less than forty hours of development time and most features do, we’ll put it on the schedule and get it out to you in a few weeks. Not the next general release in six months, your release.

Feature bank. It’s a license to imagine and a ticket to get it done. Keep watching to learn more about SpectraCare warranties, but not just any old warranties, we offer something off the wall, a software warranty.