Startup Boost, Lab & Field Assist

Video Transcript:

Do you have any instruments in your lab that only one person knows how to use?

Have you ever worried about what would happen if that person decided to retire or got sick during a big field test?

These risks can and should be mitigated with a training program for your entire team. SpectraCare has two components that will both train your team and also back them up directly during high stakes lab and field tests. The first component is training we call startup boost. After you receive your new instrument, one of our engineers will come out and spend the whole day at your facility getting your team up to speed. It’s a relatively informal training with lots of q and a and as many attendees as you desire, but we also offer something much more powerful than that. The second component is called lab and field assist.

It’s an offering our defense customers love. When the stakes are high and you need maximum certainty that your tests will be successful, lab and field assist puts an RF recording expert at your beck and call waiting to fly out to any location in the US. It’s not unusual for us to show up on a test range somewhere in the desert.

Sometimes there are no second chances. The test has gotta be right the first time, and you want as much brainpower as possible on range to make sure that happens. Lab and field assist is a service we can add to your contract from day one. A two year, two event contract will allow you to summon us to any location two times across a two year period. We understand that DOD test programs often have shifting schedules and multiple events.

That’s why lab and field assist has a flexible schedule which will allow you to use those events anytime you need during the contract period. Solid training ensures you’re squeezing every drop of value out of your instrument. But what happens when you wanna level up even further and add entirely new features?

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