Support Program Overview

Video Transcript:

Do experienced RF engineers actually buy support packages?

And if so, why?

Well, for a traditional spectrum analyzer or network analyzer, the kind of instruments that we’ve all been using in the lab for decades, a lot of experienced RF engineers decide they really can’t justify a support package.

Maybe they’ll choose a three year extended warranty or a calibration option, and, well, that’s pretty much the limit of what many of our competitors offer. But an RF recorder or player is fundamentally different than your everyday spectrum analyzer.

It’s an instrument for more niche applications.

And although RF recorders can be used in the lab, they’re often sent out to the field, and the field is nearly always a high pressure, high stakes environment.

It can include everything from large interfering signals you can’t control to a tent full of high ranking spectators looking over your shoulder.

There are often no second chances on the test range.

So for these reasons, we believe every engineer can benefit from a support package that is specifically tailored to RF recorders and RF players. And that’s why we have SpectraCare. SpectraCare includes options that can support you from delivery to training to upgrades and, of course, warranties.

Although, I think the part you’re really gonna love the most is called our ask the expert program.

It makes sure you can talk to a real RF expert, a human being, when you need one without getting stuck in the tier one phone queue. Keep watching to learn more about what happens immediately before and after your new instrument lands on your dock. You’ll learn all about these specially tailored services for RF recorders and players in the next few videos.